1984: Calor Snc was born on April 1st, from the experience in the field of residential and industrial plants accrued in many years by Flavio Pellegrini, Aldo Buttazzoni and Loris Cedolin, the three founders.
At the beginning, the business is focused on design and installation of residential plants on a local level.
1986: The business range is extended abroad, mainly towards Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, where the Company realizes the first two industrial plants.
In the next years, the building sites follow one another, extending from Siberia to the Black Sea and Kazakhstan. The most significant realisations include:
• heating plant for a hangar and for the Customs Center with offices and wharehouses in Domodedovo Airport (Moscow);
• heating plant, waterworks, bathroom fixtures and water iron removal plant for three hotels (Surgut and Nefteyugansk, Siberia);
• heating plant for an aircraft repair hangar in Alma Ata Airport (Kazakhstan).
1990: The business range diversifies further and now also includes the realization of complex systems of air conditioning and remote supervision.
1997: Abroad the Company starts making "turnkey" mechanical plants for small industrial complexes aimed at food processing.
2002: The business range expands to the realization of complex systems for large shopping centers.
2003: Consequently to its gradual turnover expansion, Calor S.n.c. changes its corporate form to become a Limited Liability Company, while maintaining the same social structure and the same workforce.
In the same year, the Company's growth continues with the achievement of ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system.
2005: The first building site in Africa starts: there, the Company realizes the air conditioning systems, the waterworks and the sewerage of the new Parliament of Bata, Equatorial Guinea.
2009: The first building site in Romania starts. The Company develops the mechanical plants (heating and cooling plant with ceiling-mounted radiant panels for the interior and adiabatic cooling system for outdoor terraces) for a four-storey office and residential building located in the center of Bucharest.
2010: The Company decides to further expand its activities in the public sector, and for this purpose it obtains the S.O.A. certification in OG11 category to take part in public tenders.

With a staff of over 20 people and many qualified external collaborations, today Calor S.r.l. is able to satisfy any request related to the construction of waterworks, heating systems, bathroom fixtures, gas, fire fighting and air conditioning systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.