The Public Works Framework Law (Law No. 109/1994 of 11 February 1994 as amended and Presidential Decree No. 34/2000 of 25 January 2000) abolished the previous company qualification system to bid for competitive public tenders in Italy and introduced a new one which entrusts the check and certification activity to private law entities (S.O.A.), under the control of the Autorità Nazionale Anticorruzione (National anti-Corruption Authority).

As part of the expansion project of its scope to public procurement, in 2010 Calor S.r.l has achieved S.O.A certification in category OG11 (classification III), a further confirmation of its constant growth and improvement.

The certification was issued by ARGENTA S.O.A. S.p.A., a certification entity born from the effort of accomplished professionals with extensive experience in public works sector, which relies on a team of young and highly skilled engineers, widely above the minimum requirements prescribed by Presidential Decree No. 34/2000.

Certificato SOA